How Big Do Mini French Bulldogs Get? You’ll Be Surprised!

Mini French Bulldogs typically grow to be around 11-14 inches tall and weigh between 16-28 pounds. Mini French Bulldogs are small and adorable dogs that have gained popularity among dog lovers.

These compact canines have a distinct appearance with their signature bat-like ears and charming personalities. If you are considering adding a Mini French Bulldog to your family, it’s important to know how big they will get. Understanding their size potential allows you to better plan and accommodate their needs.

We will explore the size range of Mini French Bulldogs, providing you with the information you need to make an educated decision. So, let’s dive in and find out how big these delightful dogs can become.

1. Understanding The Mini French Bulldog Breed

Mini French Bulldogs are a delightful breed known for their small size. Despite their petite stature, they still possess the distinct traits and characteristics of French Bulldogs. Their size typically ranges from 11 to 14 inches and they weigh between 16 to 28 pounds.

Mini French Bulldogs are one of the most popular dog breeds around the world. With their distinctive appearance and lovable nature, it’s no wonder that so many people are fascinated by these adorable pups. If you’re considering getting a Mini French Bulldog or simply curious about this breed, we’ve got you covered.

In this section, we’ll dive into the origin and history of Mini French Bulldogs and shed some light on their physical characteristics.

Understanding The Mini French Bulldog Breed

Origin And History Of Mini French Bulldogs

Mini French Bulldogs are a smaller variant of the standard French Bulldog breed. To understand their origin, it’s important to look at the history of French Bulldogs themselves. Here are some key points to consider:

  • Originated in the 19th century France: Mini French Bulldogs, like their larger counterparts, have their roots in France. They were originally bred to be companions for lace workers in Nottingham, England. These workers moved from France during the industrial revolution, bringing their toy-sized Bulldogs with them.
  • Crossbreeding of toy Bulldogs and local ratters: The lace workers crossed their toy-sized Bulldogs with local ratters to create the French Bulldog breed. This resulted in a compact and sturdy dog with a distinct appearance that we now know as the Mini French Bulldog.
  • Popularity in the early 20th century: The Mini French Bulldog gained popularity in the early 20th century, especially among the art community in Paris. Artists such as Toulouse-Lautrec and Colette were known to be fond of these charming little dogs.

Physical Characteristics Of Mini French Bulldogs

Mini French Bulldogs possess several unique physical characteristics that set them apart from other breeds. Let’s take a closer look:

  • Compact and muscular build: Mini French Bulldogs are known for their compact and muscular bodies. Despite their small size, they have a sturdy frame and a strong build, making them quite formidable.
  • Distinctive facial features: With their iconic bat ears, expressive eyes, and squished faces, Mini French Bulldogs have unmistakable facial features. These adorable traits give them a cute and distinct appearance that many people find irresistible.
  • Variety of coat colors: Mini French Bulldogs come in a wide range of coat colors. From the classic brindle and fawn to more rare hues like blue, lilac, and chocolate, there is a Mini French Bulldog color to suit every preference.
  • Short, smooth coat: Their coat is short and smooth, requiring minimal grooming. This low-maintenance coat not only adds to their charm but also makes them suitable for individuals who prefer a breed with minimal shedding.
  • Average height and weight: While there is no strict standard for the size of Mini French Bulldogs, they generally stand around 11-14 inches tall at the shoulder and weigh between 16-28 pounds. These dimensions make them compact enough to fit comfortably in most living spaces.

Now that we’ve explored the origin and history of Mini French Bulldogs, as well as their physical characteristics, you have a better understanding of this delightful breed. Whether you’re looking for a loyal companion or simply intrigued by these tiny yet charming dogs, Mini French Bulldogs are sure to steal your heart.

2. Factors That Influence The Size Of Mini French Bulldogs

Factors such as genetics, diet, and exercise influence the size of mini French Bulldogs. These factors play a significant role in determining how big these adorable dogs can get.

Factors That Influence The Size Of Mini French Bulldogs

Genetics and Breeding Methods:

  • Different genes and breeding methods affect the size of Mini French Bulldogs.
  • Breeders carefully select parents with desirable size traits to produce Mini French Bulldogs.
  • Through selective breeding, breeders aim to create smaller-sized French Bulldogs with specific characteristics.

Diet and Nutrition:

  • The diet and nutrition provided to Mini French Bulldogs play a crucial role in determining their size.
  • Feeding them a balanced and appropriate diet helps maintain their ideal weight.
  • Overfeeding can lead to excessive weight gain, which can result in larger-sized French Bulldogs.
  • Underfeeding, on the other hand, can stunt their growth and cause smaller-than-average size.

Exercise and Activity Level:

  • The amount of exercise and physical activity that Mini French Bulldogs engage in can impact their size.
  • Regular exercise helps them burn calories and maintain a healthy weight.
  • Insufficient exercise can contribute to weight gain and larger size.
  • Too much exercise may lead to increased muscle mass, but it is crucial to strike a balance to avoid straining their bodies.

By understanding the factors that influence the size of Mini French Bulldogs, you can make informed decisions regarding their genetics, breeding methods, diet, nutrition, exercise, and activity levels. Remember, proper care and attention to these factors can contribute to keeping your Mini French Bulldog healthy and within their expected size range.

3. Average Size And Growth Expectations Of Mini French Bulldogs

Mini French Bulldogs have an average size that ranges between 11 to 14 inches in height and 16 to 28 pounds in weight. These adorable pups exhibit slow growth compared to other breeds, reaching their full size by the age of 1 to 1.

5 years.

Determining Factors For Size

  • Genetics: Just like humans, the size of a mini French Bulldog is primarily influenced by genetics. The genes it inherits from its parents will play a significant role in determining its final size.
  • Breeding: Responsible breeders carefully select parent dogs with desired traits, including size. By choosing smaller French Bulldogs as parents, breeders can increase the likelihood of producing mini French Bulldog puppies.
  • Nutrition: Proper nutrition during puppyhood is crucial for healthy growth. A well-balanced diet, formulated specifically for small-breed dogs, helps support their growth and development.

Growth Charts And Milestones

  • Growth Stages: Mini French Bulldogs, just like any other dog breed, go through different growth stages. They usually reach their adult height between 9 and 12 months of age, but their bodies continue to fill out until around 18 months.
  • Growth Chart: Having a growth chart can be useful to track a mini French Bulldog’s progress. It provides a visual representation of expected growth milestones, such as weight and height, for specific age ranges.
  • Weight Expectations: The average adult weight of a mini French Bulldog typically ranges between 16 and 25 pounds (7-11 kilograms). However, it’s important to remember that individual variation exists within the breed.
  • Height Expectations: Mini French Bulldogs generally stand around 11 to 14 inches (28-36 centimeters) tall at the shoulder. Keep in mind that this measurement may also vary slightly among individuals.

Comparing Mini French Bulldogs To Standard French Bulldogs

  • Size Difference: Mini French Bulldogs are noticeably smaller than standard French Bulldogs. The smaller size is achieved through selective breeding for generations, resulting in a miniature version of the breed.
  • Weight and Height: While mini French Bulldogs are compact and lighter, standard French Bulldogs are larger and more robust. Standard French Bulldogs usually weigh between 20 and 28 pounds (9-13 kilograms) and stand around 11 to 12 inches (28-30 centimeters) tall at the shoulder.
  • Temperament: Mini French Bulldogs generally share similar temperaments with their standard counterparts. Both breeds are known for their affectionate, playful, and friendly nature. Mini French Bulldogs can make excellent companions for individuals or families in smaller living spaces.

Remember, the size of a mini French Bulldog can vary slightly based on genetics, breeding, and individual characteristics. Therefore, it’s always essential to consult with a reputable breeder and monitor your puppy’s growth for a better understanding of its specific size potential.

Tips For Promoting Healthy Size And Growth In Mini French Bulldogs

4. Tips For Promoting Healthy Size And Growth In Mini French Bulldogs

Looking to promote healthy size and growth in your mini French Bulldogs? Check out these tips to help your furry companion reach their full potential. From proper nutrition to regular exercise, these strategies can contribute to your mini French Bulldog’s overall well-being and development.

Choosing The Right Breeder

  • Research reputable breeders: Find a breeder with a strong reputation for breeding healthy Mini French Bulldogs. Look for breeders who prioritize the well-being of their dogs and have a history of producing puppies with appropriate size and growth.
  • Ask for health clearances: Ensure that the breeder conducts health screenings for the parent dogs, such as hip evaluations and genetic tests, to reduce the risk of passing on health issues to the puppies.
  • Visit the breeding facility: Take the time to visit the breeder’s facility and meet the parent dogs if possible. This allows you to assess the conditions in which the dogs are raised and ensure that they are well-cared for.
  • Ask about the size of previous litters: Inquire about the size of previous litters from the same parents. This information can give you an idea of the typical size range for the puppies.

Proper Feeding And Nutrition

  • Choose a high-quality diet: Opt for a balanced and nutritious food formulated specifically for small breed dogs. Look for options that are appropriate for puppies and meet their specific nutritional needs.
  • Follow feeding guidelines: Adhere to the recommended feeding guidelines provided by the food manufacturer. Overfeeding can contribute to excessive weight gain, which may impact the size and health of your Mini French Bulldog.
  • Avoid free-feeding: Instead of leaving food out all day, establish regular meal times for your puppy. This helps regulate their food intake and promotes healthy growth.
  • Monitor weight gain: Keep an eye on your puppy’s weight to ensure they are growing at a steady and healthy rate. If you have concerns about their size or weight, consult with a veterinarian for guidance.

Exercise And Physical Activity Recommendations

  • Provide daily exercise: Mini French Bulldogs need regular exercise to maintain a healthy weight and promote muscle development. Aim for at least 30 minutes to an hour of active playtime each day.
  • Engage in interactive play: Use toys and games that encourage your puppy to be active and mentally stimulated. This can include fetch, chase, or puzzle toys that require problem-solving skills.
  • Avoid excessive exercise: While exercise is important, don’t overdo it, especially during your puppy’s growth stages. Consult with a veterinarian to determine appropriate levels of exercise based on your puppy’s individual needs.
  • Monitor signs of fatigue: Pay attention to signs of fatigue during exercise. If your puppy becomes excessively tired or starts to lag behind, it may be a sign that they need a break or rest.

Remember, promoting a healthy size and growth in your Mini French Bulldog requires careful consideration of their breeding, feeding and nutrition, as well as providing appropriate levels of exercise. By following these tips, you can help ensure your furry friend thrives and reaches their full potential.

5. Common Health Issues Related To Size In Mini French Bulldogs

Mini French Bulldogs can experience common health issues related to their size, such as breathing difficulties, joint problems, and overheating. It is important for owners to be aware of these potential concerns and provide appropriate care to ensure their mini French Bulldogs have a healthy and comfortable life.

Skeletal And Muscular Problems:

  • Mini French Bulldogs are susceptible to certain skeletal and muscular issues due to their size. These can include:
  • Luxating Patella: This condition occurs when the kneecap dislocates from its normal position, causing discomfort and lameness.
  • Hip Dysplasia: It is a genetic condition where the hip joint doesn’t develop properly, leading to arthritis and difficulty in movement.
  • Intervertebral Disc Disease: This problem affects the spinal discs and can cause pain, mobility issues, and even paralysis.
  • Muscle Atrophy: Mini French Bulldogs may experience muscle wastage due to lack of exercise or certain medical conditions. This can affect their mobility and overall health.

Breathing Difficulties:

  • Due to their small size and brachycephalic (short-nosed) structure, Mini French Bulldogs are prone to breathing difficulties. Some common issues include:
  • Brachycephalic Airway Syndrome: This condition refers to a combination of airway abnormalities, such as elongated soft palate, narrow nostrils, and collapsed larynx. It leads to snorting, snoring, and difficulty breathing.
  • Exercise Intolerance: Mini French Bulldogs often struggle to cope with rigorous physical activities due to their compromised respiratory system. Overexertion can result in breathing distress or collapse.
  • Heat Sensitivity: Their breathing difficulties make Mini French Bulldogs more susceptible to heat-related issues. They can easily suffer from heatstroke, so it’s crucial to keep them cool and avoid excessive exercise in hot weather.

Obesity And Weight Management:

  • Maintaining a healthy weight is essential for the overall well-being of Mini French Bulldogs. Obesity can lead to various health problems, including:
  • Joint Strain: Excess weight puts unnecessary strain on their joints, exacerbating conditions like hip dysplasia and patellar luxation.
  • Diabetes: Obesity increases the risk of developing diabetes in Mini French Bulldogs, leading to long-term health complications.
  • Impaired Breathing: Being overweight further hampers their already compromised breathing system, making breathing difficulties even more pronounced.
  • Shortened Lifespan: Studies have shown that overweight dogs, including Mini French Bulldogs, tend to have a shorter lifespan compared to their healthier counterparts.

To ensure the optimal health of Mini French Bulldogs, regular exercise, a balanced diet, and close monitoring of their weight are vital. Consulting with a veterinarian for specific guidance on managing these health issues is highly recommended.

6. Caring For A Fully Grown Mini French Bulldog

Mini French Bulldogs can weigh up to 28 pounds and measure around 11-14 inches in height when fully grown. They are small in size but require regular care to ensure their wellbeing and happiness.

Grooming And Maintenance

Caring for a fully grown Mini French Bulldog involves regular grooming and maintenance. Here are some essential points to keep in mind:

  • Coat Care: The Mini French Bulldog has a short and smooth coat that is relatively low-maintenance. Weekly brushing with a soft bristle brush or grooming mitt will help remove loose hair and keep their coat looking tidy.
  • Bath Time: A Mini French Bulldog doesn’t require frequent bathing. Aim for a bath every 2-3 months or when they get visibly dirty. Use a gentle dog shampoo and rinse thoroughly to prevent any residue.
  • Nail Trimming: Regular nail trims are important to prevent discomfort and potential injuries. Trim their nails every 2-3 weeks or as needed, being careful to avoid cutting into the quick.
  • Ear Cleaning: French Bulldogs are prone to ear infections, so regular ear cleaning is crucial. Use a dog-specific ear cleaner and cotton balls to gently wipe away any dirt or debris. Avoid inserting anything into the ear canal.
  • Dental Care: Dental hygiene is essential to prevent dental diseases. Brush your Mini French Bulldog’s teeth daily using a dog-specific toothbrush and toothpaste. Dental chews or treats can also help maintain oral health.

Training And Socialization

Training and socialization play a vital role in ensuring a well-behaved and happy Mini French Bulldog. Here are some key points to consider:

  • Early Training: Start training your Mini French Bulldog as soon as you bring them home. Puppy training classes can be beneficial in building a strong foundation of obedience commands and proper behavior.
  • Consistency and Positive Reinforcement: Use positive reinforcement techniques such as treats, praise, and rewards to motivate and encourage good behavior. Consistency in training methods will help your Mini French Bulldog understand what is expected of them.
  • Socialization Skills: Expose your Mini French Bulldog to various people, animals, and environments from an early age to promote good social skills. Introduce them to different sights, sounds, and experiences to prevent fear or aggression issues later on.
  • Basic Commands: Teach essential commands like sit, stay, come, and leave it. These commands will not only make day-to-day interactions easier but also ensure their safety in different situations.
  • Patience and Persistence: Training takes time and effort. Be patient with your Mini French Bulldog and celebrate small achievements along the way. Consistent training sessions and positive reinforcement will yield the best results.

Providing A Safe And Comfortable Living Environment

Creating a safe and comfortable living environment is crucial for the overall well-being of your fully grown Mini French Bulldog. Consider the following points:

  • Indoor Comfort: Provide a designated space for your Mini French Bulldog with a dog bed or comfortable bedding. Ensure the area is free from hazards and has access to fresh water.
  • Temperature Control: French Bulldogs are sensitive to extreme temperatures, especially heat. Keep your home cool during warmer months, or consider using fans or air conditioning to maintain a comfortable temperature.
  • Secure Environment: French Bulldogs, especially Miniatures, are known to be curious and may try to explore. Make sure your home and yard are secure, with no escape routes. Supervise your dog when outdoors and use a secure leash or harness during walks.
  • Toxic Substances: Keep harmful substances like cleaning products, chemicals, and medications out of your Mini French Bulldog’s reach. Some common household items can be toxic to dogs, so be vigilant and keep these items stored safely.
  • Exercise and Mental Stimulation: Provide regular exercise and mental stimulation to keep your Mini French Bulldog happy and healthy. Daily walks, playtime, and puzzle toys can help fulfill their physical and mental needs.


Caring for a fully grown Mini French Bulldog requires attention to grooming, training, and providing a safe and comfortable living environment. By implementing these guidelines, you can ensure that your Mini French Bulldog leads a happy and fulfilling life.

7. Frequently Asked Questions About The Size Of Mini French Bulldogs

Wondering how big Mini French Bulldogs actually get? Find answers to frequently asked questions about their size, including factors that influence their growth and the typical range of weights for these adorable pups.

Can Mini French Bulldogs Be Mixed With Other Breeds?

  • Yes, Mini French Bulldogs can be mixed with other breeds to create unique designer dogs.
  • Some popular mixed breeds involving Mini French Bulldogs include:
  • Frenchton (French Bulldog + Boston Terrier)
  • Frenchie Pug (French Bulldog + Pug)
  • French Bullhuahua (French Bulldog + Chihuahua)
  • Frenchbo (French Bulldog + Boston Terrier + Boxer)

Can The Size Of A Mini French Bulldog Be Predicted?

  • The size of a Mini French Bulldog can be estimated based on the size of its parents.
  • If both parents are Mini French Bulldogs, the puppies will likely be mini-sized as well.
  • If one parent is a Mini and the other is a Standard French Bulldog, the puppies may vary in size, leaning towards the smaller side.

How To Monitor The Growth Of A Mini French Bulldog?

  • To monitor the growth of a Mini French Bulldog, follow these guidelines:
  • Track their weight: Regularly weigh your pups to ensure they are gaining weight steadily.
  • Observe their height: Measure their height from shoulders to ground to ensure it is proportionate for their age.
  • Evaluate their body condition: Check for a healthy body condition by feeling their ribs and looking for a defined waist.
  • Monitor their appetite: Ensure they have a healthy appetite and are eating appropriate amounts for their size.
  • Consult the veterinarian: If you have concerns about their growth, consult with a veterinarian for professional guidance.


Finding out how big Mini French Bulldogs can get is a crucial aspect of owning this adorable breed. While their name suggests small size, their exact measurements can vary. On average, a fully grown Mini French Bulldog stands between 11 to 14 inches tall and weighs around 16 to 28 pounds.

However, it’s important to note that each dog is unique, and factors such as genetics and diet can influence their size. It’s always recommended to consult with a reputable breeder or veterinarian to gain a better understanding of your Mini French Bulldog’s potential growth.

Remember, regular exercise, a balanced diet, and proper care are essential to ensure your furry companion thrives and remains healthy. By following these tips and monitoring your dog’s growth, you can provide a loving and nurturing environment for your Mini French Bulldog to grow into a happy and healthy member of your family.

Frequently Asked Questions Of How Big Do Mini French Bulldogs Get

How Big Are Mini Frenchies Full Grown?
Mini Frenchies are small dogs that typically weigh between 16 to 28 pounds when fully grown.

Is There Such Thing As A Miniature French Bulldog?
Yes, miniature French Bulldogs do exist as they are smaller versions of the regular French Bulldog breed.

How Big Is A Micro Frenchie?
A micro Frenchie is a small-sized French Bulldog that typically weighs between 8-16 pounds.

How Much Does A Mini French Bulldog Cost?
A mini French Bulldog typically costs around $1,500 to $3,000.

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